• #81-Big Stingray

Big Stingray or IRT V1.0 is a twisty puzzle based on face axes of Icosahedron and Rhombic Triacontahedron. This axis system was commonly used in corner and edge turning dodecahedron. It has 20+30=50 axes. Its correspondence in CORD axis system is Stingray, hence the similar stickering pattern. 60 colors were used to decorate this puzzle.

Please be fully aware that this product is sold in DIY kits.

Rotations: 3-fold symmetry on hexagonal centers and 2-fold symmetry on quadrilateral centers.

What's in the package

1. Standalone retailing box, which is a standard for DIY kits;

2. Necessary parts to build an IRT V1.0, with redundants;

3. Sticker set *1;

4. Hyperbolic Stand *1, Screw cap holder *1;

5. Printed assembly manual.

Video presentationhttps://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDg0MDg0MTk3Ng==.html


#81-Big Stingray

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