• #80-DIRT V1.0

Product name: DIRT V1.0

This puzzle is sold in DIY form. Buyers will need to assemble, then sticker it with the help of instruction manual included in the package.

DIRT V1.0 is a 62 axis twisty puzzle that combines 3 axis systems, namely Dodecahedral, Icosahedral and Rhombic Triacontahedral face turning axis systems, into one puzzle. It can be seen as a face turning, edge turning and corner turning dodecahedron in spherical shape. For detailed parameters, please refer to instruction manual below.

What's in the package

Instruction manual in pictures (a printed version is included in the package).

Product Information Card & BOM


1. After series of tests, VeryPuzzle is finally ready to gradually deliver most puzzles in DIY form. With the help of detailed instruction manual, general audience with no prior knowledge about twisty puzzles is invited to explore complicated new puzzles. It is a major plan of VeryPuzzle to introduce nowaday puzzles to a wider, non-professional audience.

2. This DIY kit (also future DIY kits) is available for wholesale. MOQ of this item starts from 10pcs. Wholesalers, retailers are fully welcomed. Don't hesitate to discuss with us at sales(AT)verypuzzle.com for further details.

3. This model comes with a Hyperbolic Stand. For extra stands, please follow this link: https://www.verypuzzle.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=70&product_id=100.


#80-DIRT V1.0

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