• #79-Crazy Chopper F1

Model NO.: MF2005 - Crazy Chopper F1


This puzzle  can be seen as an face and edge turning cube in sphere form. It has 6+12=18 axis of rotation. As the name suggests, it is a fragmentation version of Crazy Chopper. Its natural correspondence on dodecahedral axis system is the Rhombic Tuttminx F1.

The name comes from two parts. The 'chopper' part comes from the edge turning cubes, the 'crazy' part comes from the operation of adding a small circle in the face of a normal cube.

Reference to other closely related models

Currently we didn't find any existing puzzles with this topology. Let us know if you find.

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1. It comes assembled, not stickered.

2. It comes with a sticker set with 12 colors.


#79-Crazy Chopper F1

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