• #77-CORD V1.0

Model NO.: MF2003 - CORD V1.0


This puzzle  can be seen as an face, edge and corner turning cube in sphere form. It has 6+8+12=26 axis of rotation. Its natural correspondence on dodecahedral axis system is the 62 axis Truncated Icosidodecahedron (or VTI).

The primary purpose of this model was to include the CORD axis system in our product line. By CORD we mean the axis system defined by face centers of Cube, Octahedron and Rhombic Dodecahedron.

A part of the stickers were intentionally hollowed out to indicate the orientation of the small square center.

In 2019, we made quite a few puzzles based on DIRT axis system which is defined by face centers of Dodechedron, Icosahedron and Rhombic Triacontahedron.

Reference to other closely related models

Currently we didn't find any existing puzzles with this topology. Let us know if you find.

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1. It comes assembled, not stickered.

2. It comes with a sticker set.


#77-CORD V1.0

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