• #72-Corner Only Megaminx (D5A1)

Model NO.: MF1915 - Corner Only Megaminx (D5A1)

Please be fully aware that this model is sold in DIY kit.


Corner Only Megaminx (D5A1)  can be seen as the result of extending the corner pieces of Megaminx Ball V1.0.

The major purpose of this model was to test the possibility and stability of augmentation method. This is the simplist case based on our existing models.

By 'augumentation' we mean a decorative, sometimes also functionate added layer to spherical models. This also explains 'A1' part in the name. 'D5' refers to Megaminx Ball V1.0.

Although there are still tests to go before we get familiar with this method, the result of the first test is clean and stable.

We have the least intention to grab or override existing designs all over the world. Augmentation is a potential part we might be connected with other brilliant designers. Spherical model + augmentation means we don't have to make a new design from scratch, this will bring down the major barrier to mass production.

Reference to other closely related models

1. Kilominx by Keisuke Maruyama: http://twistypuzzles.com/cgi-bin/puzzle.cgi?pkey=6583

2. Kilominx by Anthony Greenhill: http://twistypuzzles.com/cgi-bin/puzzle.cgi?pkey=773

What's in the package

1. Standalone retailing box, which is a standard for DIY kits;

2. Necessary parts to build a full model, with redundant parts;

3. Sticker set *1;

4. Hyperbolic Stand *1, Screw cap holder *1;

5. Printed assembly manual.


#72-Corner Only Megaminx (D5A1)

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