• #70-Spherical Tuttminx 66

Model NO.: MF1913 - Spherical Tuttminx 66.


Spherical Tuttminx can be seen as a C1 version of Spherical Tuttminx, i.e., it was obtained by substituting all pentagonal faces by 6-fold hexagonal faces.

Hollowed stickers were there mainly to mark the boundaries of new hexagonal faces, quite like that of Icosahedron 77.

Product description

1. It comes assembled, not stickered.

2. It comes with a sticker set.

3. It is not likely to make fudging moves.

4. If it ever happens: fudging/illegal moves will not break the puzzle, all you need is to re-assemble visible moving parts with the help of product pictures above.


#70-Spherical Tuttminx 66

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