• #69-Spherical Tuttminx

Model NO.: MF1912 - Spherical Tuttminx.


Ever since we made the first Tuttminx (by Lee Tutt), we never stopped its evolution. This time it shows up in the spherical series. It just has to be made even for completeness alone.

Why 12 colors? The sticker is globally directional and pentagonal areas are hollowed. It is already enough to reveal its full challenge while keeping track on valid moves effortlessly.

Product description

1. It comes assembled, not stickered.

2. It comes with a sticker set.

3. It is easy to make fudging moves. Take advantage of the hollowed stickers on pentagonal area.

4. If it ever happens: fudging/illegal moves will not break the puzzle, all you need is to re-assemble visible moving parts with the help of product pictures above.


#69-Spherical Tuttminx

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