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Full name: Icosahedron 77

Basic information

Product Name: Icosahedron 77

Product Code: MF1911

Product Category: 3D twisty puzzle

Manufacturer: VeryPuzzle

Axis System: Icosahedron

Core Type: spherical

Sticker protection: Yes

In-core spring: Yes

Adjustable tension: No

Net weight (stickered): 360g / 0.8 lbs

Maximum diameter: 14.5cm / 5.7 inch

Number of sticker pieces: 270 pcs

Number of visible independent moving parts: 206 pcs

Further introduction to Icosahedron 77

Icosahedron 77 is a variation of Icosahedron V1.0 (MF1909) by adding 4 more cuts to 12 hexagonal faces symmetrically, resulting 12 heptagonal faces. The rest 8 hexagonal faces remain 6 cuts(like that of Chaotic 1) for transition of pieces between heptagon groups.

The change from Icosahedron V1.0 to Icosahedron 77 can be somehow compared with Megaminx V1.0 to Megaminx C1.

The common edge of two adjacent heptagonal faces are randomly installed, which is inherited from Chaotic 1.

By introducing super-cut(applying more cuts than 'necessary') faces, the puzzle works like a mixture of Chaotic 1 and a group of 6 NEON puzzles.

We have introduced hollow stickers to clearly indicate boundaries of heptagonal groups.

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Reference to other closely related models

With exact axis system and equivalent cutting topology.

- None.

Product details

1. This product is only recommended to buyers who are fully aware of its 'chaotic' nature and knows how to tell a normal rotation from a fudged one.

2. It is a 20 axis puzzle, the axis being face center of icosahedron.

    2.1 Pentagonal faces are not allowed to rotate. They are also not easy to make fudging moves.

    2.2 Hexagonal/heptagonal faces however, requires observation to determine whether it is a fudging move or not. A fudging move of hexagonal/heptagonal face will be evident from gaps of parts or extra force needed to rotate.

3. It comes assembled(with random orientation of heptagon-heptagon edges), but not stickered.

4. It comes with a sticker set containing 12+2 uniform colors. The sticker set was designed to adapt to assembly changes in prior of applying stickers.

5. If you buy stickering service, the scheme can be previewed from pictures below.

https://www.verypuzzle.com/image/catalog/products/I77/IMG_1912.JPG  where IMG_1912.JPG can be renamed to IMG_1912.JPG, IMG_1913.JPG, ..., IMG_1926.JPG.


#68-Icosahedron 77

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