• #67-Icosa. Chaotic 1

Icosahedron Chaotic 1

Basic information

Product Name: Icosahedron Chaotic 1

Product Code: MF1910

Product Category: 3D twisty puzzle

Manufacturer: VeryPuzzle

Axis System: Icosahedron

Core Type: spherical

Sticker protection: Yes

In-core spring: Yes

Adjustable tension: No

Net weight (stickered): 350g / 0.77 lbs

Maximum diameter: 14.5cm / 5.7 inch

Number of sticker pieces: 312 pcs

Number of visible independent moving parts: 182 pcs

Further introduction to Icosahedron Chaotic 1

Chaotic 1 is a variation of Icosahedron V1.0 (MF1909) by adding 3 more cuts to hexagonal faces symmetrically, resulting a 20 axis puzzle that looks closed to a spherical tuttminx(they are different of course).

The pentagonal faces where not designed to rotate in this model and we carved an 'X' on the sticker of pentagonal cap for indication.

About the name. Usually a puzzle comes with a fixed and unique assembly.  In this case however, we are in a situation that one can not decide an optimal way to orient all pink edges(hex-hex edges) in the picture below. Pretty much a disaster at a first glance.

After fiddling around with it a few days(also in search of optimal orientation), I realized that there were actually many puzzles that an 'optimal' configuration is nonexist or not unique. Clover Cube Plus and NEON are examples that don't have an 'optimal' or globally symmetric pattern. 

Realizing this non-uniqueness/lack of optimal configuration is the nature of a category of puzzles, we introduced the term 'Chaotic'. A 'Chaotic' puzzle is a puzzle that has at least 2 different configurations without introducing new parts. By different configuration here, we mean their cuts(hence rotation or permutation structure) are essentially different in detail. Those different configurations however, could produce a different scramble/solve.

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Product details

1. This product is only recommended to buyers who are fully aware of its 'chaotic' nature and knows how to tell a normal rotation from a fudged one.

2. It is a 20 axis puzzle, the axis being face center of icosahedron.

    2.1 Pentagonal faces are not allowed to rotate. They are also not easy to make fudging moves.

    2.2 Hexagonal faces however, requires observation to determine whether it is a fudging move or not. A fudging move of hexagonal face will be evident from gaps of parts or extra force needed to rotate.

    2.3 In order to tell a fudging move more easier, we engraved an arrow on triangular sticker. Once you are familiar with the pattern of a normal move, a fudging move can be observed from orientations of arrows. 

3. It comes assembled(with random orientation of hex-hex edges), but not stickered.

4. It comes with a sticker set containing 12+2 uniform colors. The sticker set was designed to adapt to assembly changes in prior of applying stickers. So buyers are encouraged to re-orient hex-hex edges to their favorites.

5. If you buy stickering service, the scheme can be previewed from pictures below.

https://verypuzzle.com/download/chaotic/ch1.JPG  where ch1.JPG can be renamed to ch1.JPG, ch2.JPG, ..., ch7.JPG.


#67-Icosa. Chaotic 1

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