• #66-Icosahedron V1.0

Full name: Icosahedron  V1.0

Basic information

Product Name: Icosahedron V1.0

Product Code: MF1909

Product Category: 3D twisty puzzle

Manufacturer: VeryPuzzle

Axis System: Icosahedron

Core Type: spherical

Sticker protection: Yes

In-core spring: Yes

Adjustable tension: No

Net weight (stickered): 0.34kg / 0.75 lbs

Maximum diameter: 14.5cm / 5.7 inch

Number of sticker pieces: 132 pcs

Number of visible independent moving parts: 62 pcs

Further introduction to Icosahedron V1.0

Icosahedron V1.0 is another fundamental example in platonic axis system. We made this model mainly to explore the axis system.

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1. Rhombic Triacontahedron (For stickering pattern)

Reference to other closely related models

With exact axis system and equivalent cutting topology.

- Rediminx by Justin Costa (http://twistypuzzles.com/cgi-bin/puzzle.cgi?pkey=7436)

- CTD sphere by Claus Wenicker (http://twistypuzzles.com/cgi-bin/puzzle.cgi?pkey=4956).

Later model was pointed to by a friend of me and I was not aware of it before. Actually a search under the twenty-sided category didn't give this result in Twisty Puzzle Museum. I have contacted Claus for being way too close with his model.


It is a necessary but not sufficient condition to say two puzzles are identical, if they have equivalent cutting topology (hence permutation structure of moving parts). By using topology here, we mean their cutting mesh when projected onto the central sphere are equivalent in topological sense. Other factors, including but not limited to shape, stickering scheme, whether stickers are oriented, mechanism, engraving etc, will greatly diverse the out come of two topologically equivalent puzzles.

# 1: The cuts of Icosahedron V1.0 is so shallow that even Radiolarian I (http://twistypuzzles.com/cgi-bin/puzzle.cgi?pkey=1744) is significantly deeper than it. 

# 2: The Dino Dodecahedron (http://twistypuzzles.com/cgi-bin/puzzle.cgi?pkey=3216) is at a tangent place which gives a cutting mesh bearing a topology lying in-between that of Icosahedron V1.0 and Radiolarian I.

Product details

1. It is a 20 axis puzzle, the axis being face center of icosahedron. Can be described as a shallow cut face turning icosahedron.

2. It comes assembled but not stickered.

3. It comes with a sticker set containing 12+1 textured colors.

4. If you buy sticker service, the stickering scheme can be previewed by pictures below (pentagonal part only):


where RTV1.jpg can be RTV1.jpg, RTV2.jpg, ..., RTV11.jpg.


#66-Icosahedron V1.0

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