• #63-Rhombic Tuttminx

Full Name:  Rhombic Tuttminx

Basic information

Product Name: Rhombic Tuttminx / DRT V1.0

Product Code: MF1906

Product Category: 3D twisty puzzle

Manufacturer: VeryPuzzle

Axis System: D+RT

Core Type: spherical

Sticker protection: Yes

In-core spring: Yes

Adjustable tension: No

Net weight (stickered): 0.37kg / 0.82 lb

Maximum diameter:  14.5cm / 5.7 inch

Number of sticker pieces: (20+12*5)*7=560 pcs.

Number of visible independent moving parts: 302pcs.

Further introduction to Rhombic Tuttminx

The name. In a geometrical view, Rhombic Tuttminx can be viewed as shifting the five neighbouring hexagonal axis around pentagonal axis by 36 degrees. We thought RhombicTuttminx would be a more descriptive name for it.

It can also be taken as RT V1.0 added a pentagonal layer.

Reference to first working prototype

1. None. Independent puzzle-wise, there's no previous models.

Reference to other closely related models 

With exact axis system and equivalent cutting topology:

1. Fake Tuttminx by Sam Jiang, http://twistypuzzles.com/cgi-bin/puzzle.cgi?pkey=7215

2. Flower Icosahedron by Kevin Uhrik, http://twistypuzzles.com/cgi-bin/puzzle.cgi?pkey=7418

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1. Tuttminx 2. TI

Product details

1. It comes assembled but not stickered

2. It comes with a sticker set containing more than 80 colors, including 20pcs of fibre textured sticker, 20pcs of holographic sticker, 5 reflective sticker and 40 normal matt vinyl stickers.

**NOTE: due to instability of certain stickers, it is not easy at all to keep this 80 color set unchanged. Hence, we keep the right of changing certain part of the sticker set without notice.

3. We have used textured sticker for the triangular area(originally hexagonal face of tuttminx), which means the corners are oriented theoretically. 

4. It has 12+30 axis of rotation. 12 being face centers of dodecahedron and 30 being edge centers of dodecahedron.

5. If you choose 'stickering service', the default stickering scheme will be fixed. Please visit following link to get an impression of the result.


The file name can be f1.JPG, f2.JPG, ... to f14.JPG, showing every pentagonal face of the puzzle.


#63-Rhombic Tuttminx

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