Wholesale business

VeryPuzzle is maintaining an ever-growing list of twisty puzzles and accepts wholesale deals from partners across the world.

To make wholesale deals, please setup a new account by selecting 'wholesale' role. Such account needs manual approval before active. Please make sure that your email is working and able to receive information. Discount information with MOQ requirements is only viewable only by wholesale accounts. You may also send quotation sheet to sales(AT)verypuzzle.com for specific orders.

1. General product audience

Current major audience: hobbyist, professionals in puzzles

Audience we are striving for: general audience without much background in puzzles.

Age preference: 6+

2. Test reports

Click to download: EN71 test report  |  ASTM test report

Need other test report? Let us know.

3. Products available for wholesale

3.1 DIY kits. Click here for an example

3.1.1Model #86C1O3-M5, MOQ=20pcs.

3.1.2 Model #80DIRT V1.0, MOQ=10pcs.

3.1.3 Model #59Megaminx Ball V1.0, MOQ=20pcs.

This category is growing very fast and will cover most existing models by the end of September, 2020.

3.2 Customized products

Customized products provide superior marketing advantage. Some models can be customized, including discontinued models. Some models have a starting quantity as low as 100pcs.

Customization includes but not limited to: color, sticker, extra logo, packaging etc. Note that the act of bringing back a discontinued model is itself a customization. Send us enquiries if you are interested.

4. Quotations

Quotation is usually based on quotation sheet. Download quotation sheet and request a quotation.

You may also register a wholesale account (needs approve before active) by setting up a new account at this site. Wholesale account can see discount details.

5. Shipping methods

Economical: Ocean freight

Moderate: Special flight line

Fast: DHL/UPS/TNT/FedEx/EMS etc.

6. Communication

Offline: sales<AT>verypuzzle.com  for receiving and sending quotation sheets.

Online: Leslie Le (facebook messenger), @VeryPuzzle (Instagram)