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Product Name: Seven Star UFO

General Introduction

Seven Star UFO takes the imaginary shape of UFOs from science fictions. It is a twisty puzzle with 7 independent fully functional spherical 2x2x2 cubes embedded in a two layer shells using similar mechanism we applied in HATO. We are temporarily calling Seven Star UFO a 3.5 dimensional twisty puzzle partly due to the extra freedom imposed on 7 satellite cubes.

There are 3 kinds of operations with Seven Star UFO. 1)Top-bottom shell rotation, 2) rotation of embedded cube as a whole and 3) sliced.

In Seven Star UFO, alignment of top-bottom shells was made easy by magnetic positioning system. All you have care is lining up embedded cubes.

Demonstration Videohttp://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzE2Njc1NTEwOA==.html

Extra information

1. Material

*Main body material: original ABS resin

*Sticker: ORACAL 651 intermediate out-door vinyl

2. Color pattern

*Body color: black

*Satellite cube pattern: standard 333 cube with white face replaced by pink


*Weight: 95 grams

*Dimension: 100mm*100mm*50mm

4. Certification

CE certification: in process

5. Packaging

*Transparent plastic box with cardboard cushion

* Instruction sheet: 1pcs

* Repairing sticker: 1set

**Remark: repairing sticker is not a full sticker set. It contains but only 6 colors, each contains 1 face of a standard 2x2x2 cube.

6. Price

Suggested Retailing Price: 15$

Transparent model

Remark: Transparent model of Seven Star UFO comes stickered .

Colored transparent model

Note that colored transparent model comes with ORACAL 651 sticker set but not stickered.

Official Site: www.verypuzzle.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/verypuzzle

Seven Star UFO

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