The product sold in this link is a DIY kit. 

The production of VTI (DIY Kit) has been stopped. Once sold out, there will be no DIY kits anymore.

Product Name: VTI (short for Void Truncated Icosi dodecahedron).

VTI is a 62 axis twisty puzzle technically shaped in truncated icosidodecahedron (links to wikipedia) then hollowed out using void mechanism. It contains 12 decagonal faces, 20 hexagonal faces and 30 quadrilateral  faces which turns 72*n, 120*n, 180*n degrees respectively.

We provide a more than 62 different color sticker-set such that you can sticker your VTI using 62 unique colors at your favorite.

VTI is based on the largest Archimedean Solid that belongs to the category of 'must-be-made' in our list. It is also a must-have item for serious collectors.

This puzzle is functionally equivalent to a vertex and edge and face turning dodecahedron (VEFTD) which has never been in existence even in 3D printed version.

We are currently only providing it in DIY form.

* Before ordering, please be very sure that you are clear about things below

   1. You WILL receive a DIY kit by purchasing this product. 

   2. Assembly might take several hours and could be extremely tedious as well as frustrating. A relaxing plan is to take it as a weekend project.

   3. Some parts are fragile that needs to be taken with care. We provide 10% spare parts as is and do not take the responsibility of damages due to incorrect operations.

   4. If you have any problem putting parts together, post a reply in the VTI instruction thread and we will reply or update instructions. Other problems go straight to support(AT)verypuzzle.com.

For latest updates, join our supporting forum.

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