• Clover Icosahedron D1

Introducing Clover Icosahedron D1

Clover Icosahedron D1 is a combination of standard Clover Icosahedron and Megaminx.

It contains 60 axes from Clover Icosahedron and 12 axes from Megaminx, reaching a total of 72 axes.

Naming of this puzzle: D- Dodecahedron, 1 means 1 layer. CID1 means Clover Icosahedron plus 1 layer of megaminx cut.


- 72 axes of rotation, overstepped any of existing twisty puzzles.

- Most of the parts were molded while keeping their entirety, resulting a significantly better turning feel compared with previous Clover products.

- Combined jumble only moves with usual megaminx moves

- It comes stickered and packaged.


1pcs of Clover Icosahedron D1.

Update 2017/07/14: This product is temporarily out of stock. New batch in progress.

Remark: Transparent model comes not stickered but with DIY sticker set (normal sticker set).


Clover Icosahedron D1

  • Brand: VeryPuzzle
  • Product Code: CID1
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