News & Updates


1. 'Terms and condition' page modified.

2. We have utilized the 'order history' module to send / update tracking number. Customer can login and view the order history, including tracking number. If the registry email is working, customer will receive tracking number.

3. We have tried new template of introducing new product. Suggestions are welcomed.


Stickering service trial

1. For puzzles with indented stickering area, the basic price is 0.01$ per piece for small stickers ( area < 2 cm^2) and 0.02$ for larger stickers. Method of applying stickers: one piece at a time.

2. Availability of this service is not quite stable(the quality requirement is stable however) because it has to be outsourced.

3. The included DIY sticker set will be used and remaining stickers will be packed and put back to the package.

4. Default time needed: 3 days, mostly in outsourcing and transition.


After billing with our shipping partner, we noticed that after using e-pack service extensively, we need to charge 18$ shipping fee in average to keep its balance.

Flat rate shipping fee changed to 18$. Looking for a more fair shipping fee algorithm.

We encourage assorted orders rather than single product orders because shipping fee is fixed.

[2017-11-23] Updates

1. Added 'Color' option to most products

2. Added quick select 'DIY sticker set' option to products below

- Clover Cube,

- Clover Cube II,

- Clover Octahedron

- Clover Octahedron Fragmentation


- Seven Star UFO

3. Description of products change


4. Added: Wholesaler information page

[2017-11-21]  VeryPuzzle Announcement - HATO stickers

* Free gift: HATO buyers before Nov 21 can now request for an ORACAL 651 sticker set for HATO in later orders by leaving a note.

* This sticker set is gifted only, it is not for sell.

* Buyers of HATO after Nov 21 will receive:

    1. stickered HATO with original sticker whose material is not ORACAL 651,

    2. a sticker set whose material is not ORACAL 651 (with redundant),

    3. a sticker set whose material is ORACAL 651 (with redundant).