News & Updates

[2017-11-23] Updates

1. Added 'Color' option to most products

2. Added quick select 'DIY sticker set' option to products below

- Clover Cube,

- Clover Cube II,

- Clover Octahedron

- Clover Octahedron Fragmentation


- Seven Star UFO

3. Description of products change


4. Added: Wholesaler information page

[2017-11-21]  VeryPuzzle Announcement - HATO stickers

* Free gift: HATO buyers before Nov 21 can now request for an ORACAL 651 sticker set for HATO in later orders by leaving a note.

* This sticker set is gifted only, it is not for sell.

* Buyers of HATO after Nov 21 will receive:

    1. stickered HATO with original sticker whose material is not ORACAL 651,

    2. a sticker set whose material is not ORACAL 651 (with redundant),

    3. a sticker set whose material is ORACAL 651 (with redundant).