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Due the fact that VeryPuzzle is always chasing new designs, we do not in general offer solutions to puzzles we sell. Resources below are what we found or were notified of, that might be helpful to you when solving puzzles from VeryPuzzle.

Sites/channels that is helpful in general when searching tutorials/solutions to puzzles:

1. (English)

2. (Chinese)

Product specific resources

Organized by products. If you would like to share your solutions/resource, send it to and we'll include it in this page.

1. Tuttminx / Classical Tuttminx  / Void Tuttminx / New Tuttminx

[Chinese, Verypuzzle足球四代魔方复原教程]

[Chinese, 足球魔方解法的简易说明]

(English, Tuttminx Tutorial Video 1 of 3)

(English, Tuttminx Tutorial Video 2 of 3)

(English, Tuttminx Tutorial Video 3 of 3)

(English, Void Tuttminx Tutorial)

[Polish, Tuttminx]

2. Snow Mystery

3. Super Star

4. Void Truncated Icosidodecahedron

5. Hex Shaper

[Chinese, 六变形魔方的解法]

[Chinese, VeryPuzzle六变形教程]

6. Lovebird

[Chinese, 爱情鸟魔方教程]

[Polish, Lovebird]

7. Clover Cube

[Chinese, VeryPuzzle六面三叶草教程]

[Polish, Clover cube]

8. Clover Cube Plus

[Chinese, 三叶草升级版教程]

9. Clover Dodecahedron

[Chinese, 十二面三叶草魔方的解法]

[Chinese, 十二面三叶草破解]

[Chinese, 十二面体三叶草魔方还原方法]

10. Clover Icosahedron D1

[Chinese, verypuzzle 20面体三叶草教程]

11. Clover Octahedron

[Chinese, 八面体三叶草教程]

[Chinese, 八面体三叶草魔方的解法]

12. Clover Octahedron Fragmentation

[Chinese, 八面体碎片魔方教程]

[Chinese, verypuzzle碎片三叶草教程]

13. Eliac Puzzle

[English, Solving Eliac (2D intersecting circles puzzle)]

14. HATO

[Chinese, 天鸽魔方解法(限转)]

[Chinese, 天鸽魔方解法]

15. Seven Star UFO

[Chinese, Verypuzzle七星飞碟还原方法]

16. Mini Geranium

[Chinese, verypuzzle mini天竺葵破解教程]

[Spanish, Mini Geranium Puzzle Walkthrough Solve]

[Chinese, 迷你版天竺葵还原解法]

[Chinese, VeryPuzzle mini天竺葵解法]

17. Pocket Geranium

[Chinese, VeryPuzzle口袋版天竺葵解法]

18. Olympic Geranium

[Chinese, 奥运天竺葵特别版解法]:

[Chinese, VeryPuzzle奥运版天竺葵解法]

19. Geranium

[Chinese, 天竺葵解法]

20. Geranium Plus

[Chinese, VeryPuzzle升级版天竺葵解法]

21. Geranium V

[Chinese, Verypuzzle“V版天竺葵(Geranium V)”魔方介绍+公式演示]

[English, Geranium V - solution algorithms]

[Chinese, verypuzzle天竺葵v版解法]

[Chinese, VeryPuzzle天竺葵V版解法]

[Chinese, 一个写了许多想法的V版天竺葵教程]

22. Super Geranium

[Chinese, VeryPuzzle超级天竺葵解法]

23. Super Geranium Plus

24. Butterfly

[Chinese, VeryPuzzle蝴蝶天竺葵解法]

[Chinese, VeryPuzzle天竺葵蝴蝶版解法]

25. Geranium W

26. Truncated Icosidodecahedron

(English, Truncated Icosidodecahedron (TI) Tutorial - Full)


28. NEON

29. Slip 3

30. Speed Tuttminx

Refer to 1. Tuttminx

31. Wandering Tuttminx

32. Megaminx Ball V1.0

33. Megaminx Ball V1.0 C1

(English, Megaminx Ball V1.0 - C1 Tutorial - Full)

34. Rayminx / Gigatuttminx

35. Rhombic Triacontahedron V1.0

36. Rhombic Tuttminx V1.0

37. Rhombic Triacontahedron V1.0 F1

38. Rhombic Tuttminx V1.0 F1

39. Icosahedron V1.0

(Polish, VeryPuzzle Icosahedron V1.0 cube TUTORIAL PL)

40. Icosahedron V1.0 Chaotic

41. Icosahedron V1.0 77


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